Monday, February 24, 2014

Everything is energy!

Everything Is Energy

Everything, including us. This fact is discovered and confirmed by all who look deeply and intently into any arena of life, including scientists, meditators, and philosophers. Plato, Newton, Carnegie, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Einstein and many spiritual masters have spoken of this fact and of the Law of Attraction, though they may not have called it that.
Every living thing has a unique energy signature, a vibration. As humans, our vibration changes by what we focus on. When you look at a beautiful sunset or watch a puppy playing, your vibrations will soften. If you pay attention, you will feel a quality of openness and love.
Conversely, if you check in with yourself while watching the 5 o’clock news or a political debate, you’ll probably notice that your vibrations will shift into a state of contraction, actually pulling away from the quality of love. In other words, you will feel negative feelings.
Likewise, our vibrations change by the thoughts that we keep our attention on, especially by the thoughts that hold our dominant attention. If your mind is predominantly filled with lack or resistance, you will feel a negative energy pervade your being. On the other hand, if you train yourself to focus on positive thoughts, you will feel yourself aligning with love and wellbeing.

Like Attracts Like

It is an energetic law of the universe that like attracts like. We’ve all heard the expression “Birds of a feather flock together.” This is just another way of referring to the Law of Attraction. We are magnetic beings. Whatever vibration we hold within ourselves magnetically draws to us more of the same.
Ever noticed how when you’re in a wonderful mood, people around you seem happier, more polite, and easy to be around? Or when you’re in a funk, people cut you off on the freeway or treat you rudely in the grocery store? That’s the Law of Attraction at work. If we are focused on negative thoughts and feelings, we attract to ourselves more of that very same energy.

Why Affirmations Without Belief
and Feeling Don’t Work

Years ago, before I understood the Law of Attraction, I experimented with using affirmations to try to uplift the quality of my life and tap into abundance. I diligently repeated them, but instead of the upliftment I was after, I felt a sinking feeling, because it felt false. After awhile I felt silly doing it and stopped.
What I know now is that we don’t create or change our circumstances with just our words. We create our lives with our feelings. If you are saying, “I’m prosperous and joyous,” and you don’t believe it for a minute because there is a stack of bills on your desk, then your feelings are saying something very different from what your words are saying. If your feelings and beliefs are vibrating an energy of lack and not enough money, that is what you draw to yourself, via the Law of Attraction.
So what to do?

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