Monday, September 23, 2013

Affirm what you want! Tell the story you want to happen!

                Your faith creates your reality!


  1. Very motivating, thank you! Now, can you please tell me whose wonderful voice is that? I know I've heard it before but don't know who it is...

    1. Thank you for your support and for being the first person to ever comment on my blog! lol
      The speaker is my friend Barry from - He has a fantastic speaking voice doesn't he?!
      He should be announcing commercials & commentating movies.

    2. The first! Your blog should become more popular, I've watched at least a couple of your videos and found them very inspiring. And the choice of Barry's voice was a great one, please tell him he's won a fan, and yes, he should definitely be doing commercials, documentaries, etc. I tell you what, I'll share the link for this blog on my Facebook page and we shall affirm that others will want to do that too. :D