Monday, November 18, 2013

How to maintain a empowering attitude!

Written by: Vitaly Geyman from
You could take on two attitudes to life. One is that the glass is half empty. The other is that the glass is half full. But in reality the glasses neither one and both at the same time. The point is, it is whatever you want it to be. Life reflects to you exactly what you are thinking. Because in essence, it is neutral.How to Maintain Empowering Attitude to Life
The problem comes when more and more things in your life begin to look like the glass is half empty, that is an attitude of lack. It is neither wrong or right to think that way. Yet when we think of lack or we don’t have enough, it is a dis-empowering thought. It drains our energy rather than giving us the sustenance to overcome challenges.
So next time you’re encountering a difficult situation, feeling all bitter and resentful ask yourself a question: does this thought empowers me or does it dis-empowers me? Does it give me energy or does it take away energy from me?
The bottom line is when we are resentful, and resigned it drains our life force. On the other hand, when we are engaged in positive action resolving the situation to the best of our abilities , more energy comes away.
At the end of the day it is simply a choice, and yet that choice can only be made when you are aware of your own habitual conditioning.
So stay vigilant and be kind to yourself if you slip up now and then. Little by little you can move towards empowering yourself on everyday basis.

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