Wednesday, December 11, 2013

An Instant Money Manifestation story! (This is true!)

A 15min Manifestation Story!

Im here to tell the story of my instant manifestation. So one day on my lunch break i decided to focus the last 15 minutes on me receiving money and getting in to alignment with receiving money. I put my full attention into visualizing money coming to me. In those 15 minutes I was so aligned with the feeling of money coming to me that on my way back to my office from the cafeteria something just told me to look down and there it was a 20 dollar bill on the floor i felt like it was just waiting on me to find it. I was ecstatic because I literally 5 minutes ago just came from the cafeteria were i was visualizing and aligning with what i wanted. The excitement and happiness that i got from receiving what i manifested was so high that when I finally got to my desk i decided to go outside and enjoy the breeze and What do you know another 20 just lying there outside on the floor.So i just manifested 40 dollars in less than 2 minutes apart. It was an amazing experience and im telling you if your kinda unsure or skeptical about the LOA i hope my story helps! I would love to hear some of your instant manifestations.

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