Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How Gratitude Attracts Wealth -Part 2 (Include This In Your Life!)

Cultivating gratitude just means giving thanks. Being thankful in any situation is a powerful attracting force. Even if you have a bad experience, having an attitude of gratitude will change that situation around and begin to shape into what you really intend on having.
Some of you may be saying, “Why should I be thankful if I'm losing my home.” Or, “Why should I be thankful for the abusive relationship that I'm having.”
Here is why, this could be life changing for you, so listen up.
The universe or God is always for our highest good. Everything you receive in life is exactly what you intended. The universe is orderly and holds true to its laws. However, the universe can be mysterious and some of the circumstances that happen to you or to this world cannot be explained.
All I know is that each life situation is a gift from the universe; it's a gift for you to grow more, learn more, be more, and love more.
Within each “seemingly bad” situation, there in it lies a gift for your desired circumstance. More times than not, that gift is a learning experience on “what you should not do next time”, so you create everything that you've ever dreamed.
Once you get the lesson, you no longer need the experience. You will get the lesson every time if you cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Just by saying, “Thank you for giving me this experience to learn more and love more”, you will free yourself and you will no longer need that experience.
However, doing just the opposite and having a lack of gratitudewill keep you stuck in a forever loop of unhappiness and you'll keep having similar negative experiences.
Being thankful involves more than just a string of words. You can't trick the universe, it knows when you are sincere all the time. When you say your prayers of gratitude, you have to mean it. How you mean it is by relating and feeling the presence of what you're grateful for.
Let's say you're grateful for all the business opportunities and the abundant of clients that seek your services out daily. You may think, say, or write something like, “Thank you for all the business opportunities and the abundant of clients that I receive daily.”
As you say this, dwell upon that statement and feel thosegratitude thoughts. See people seeking you out for your services and hear them giving thanks to you for providing them value.
Another example of attitude of gratitude can be for your health. You say, “Thank you for my health and fitness, thank you for giving me the 190 lb physique.” As you say that phrase, dwell upon your healthy body and fitness. Feel the energy of health, see your fit body as already being your desired weight of 190 lbs.
All of the high achievers are cultivating gratitude constantly throughout the day. They understand that gratitude is a powerful force attracting to them their daily wants and needs.
All you have to do is say, think, or write, “Thank you for.....” or “I'm grateful for...”, then complete the sentence.
I just paused after that last sentence and said, “Thank you for giving me the wisdom to transform peoples lives through my writing.”
You see how easy it is? You can be grateful anywhere and anytime. You can have an attitude of gratitude for anything currently in your life. What are you grateful for right now? Go ahead and answer that question.
Want to step it up a notch and begin accelerating your desires more quickly? Cultivate an attitude of gratitude for the things that you haven't received yet, but you already set intentions for.

This is borrowed from http://www.creative-wealthbuilding.com 

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  1. What a great blog! I found it doing a search for gratitude, and I really like this message. It's true that gratitude brings us more of what we are grateful for. We get more of what we think and thank about. Great post! I wrote a book about the Law of Attraction called "Manifest Your Millions: A Lottery Winner Shares his Law of Attraction Secrets"