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How to meditate properly! (This will improve your life!)

How to meditate properly

Many people do not know what the meditation is, and think that it is one very complicated skill, very difficult to apply. The truth is quite different. It is necessary to follow specific guidelines and your road towards spirituality will be completely discovered. All you need is will and desire which very often disappear because the mind prevents their operation.  In the following article we will describe one of the most correct ways of meditation.

Put your hands in the lap, with palms facing up, one over the other, and with gathered tips of your toes. Relax yourself and establish the right balance. Once again we mention that it is very important your backbone to be straight.

Open your eyes but do not keep your eye on something special-just try to have picture of everything. With opened eyes you will be more present.
After that, focus your attention on breathing. Do not try to control it. Just follow it. Monitor how the air enters into your body through the nostrils, then chests and diaphragm at the end. Follow its moving, how it enters and exits the body. Do you now think of something? Pay the attention …No, you do not think of anything because you cannot follow your breathing and think at the same time. That is meditation.
While you monitor your breathing, your mind won’t let you. Your attention will be distracted very often. Do not worry about that because it’s not a big deal. Again pay your attention on breathing.
Then slowly turn your focus to your mind and monitor your mind. Release yourself, listen to the mind, but be impartial, and do not judge or underrate what you hear because in that case you will unite with it, and the aim of meditation is to release from the mind and its activities.
 You will realize that you are one thing and the mind another….
You will become aware that you are actually awake and that you’re a supervisor of your mind. This process causes the chemistry in your body to change and there’s come to the balance. You haven’t been an impartial supervisor of your mind so far, but you were united with it and you believed in most of the things it said. You suffered great emotional changes. The pattern included mind, body reaction, emotions, etc… But that is not the case anymore. You are one thing and the mind is separated.
During the meditation your mind will cause different kinds of emotions, as fear, happiness, sadness, and similar. Release yourself from such feelings, watch how they influence on your body, how they pervade it but try to stay awake and monitor the situation. The longer you stay awake, the longer the mindless state would last. The mind will try to find the ways to be active again, but its intentions will be hopeless. They will disappear in time, i.e. you will have complete control over it. You will be the master and not the slave of your mind.
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