Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How Gratitude Attracts Wealth - Part 1 (Include This In Your Life)

Having an attitude of gratitude can transform your life. Expressing gratitude is a critical success factor that can reshape any negative life circumstance into the wealth you desire.
Cultivating gratitude should be a major role in your daily activities. It's so easy and simple to use that all it takes is a few meaningful words to make you a wealth magnet.
The mechanics behind the attitude of gratitude is all about being in the right vibration. The power to create and have anything in life lies in aligning your thoughts, feelings, and actions with that of opulence. In my opinion, “feelings” are the most important of the three because this is how things are attracted to you.
Your feelings are the vibratory frequencies the emanate out into the universe. Study the law of vibration and you'll understand that everything in this universe is God (energy).
However you feel in this or any moment is the “call signal” to the universe; and the universe always picks up.
Feel love and happiness, and you'll attract those corresponding situations. Feel anger and hate, and you'll attract more angry and hateful situations.
The problem that most of us face is controlling our emotions so we feel good. I mean, we constantly want to feel good, right? I suspect that you don't want bad things to happen to you or your loved ones.
Thankfully, cultivating an attitude of gratitude puts you in the correct vibration to attract all the good, prosperity, wealth, and abundance that you desire.
Expressing gratitude means being in a state of thankfulness. When you are thankful and have gratitude thoughts, you are putting vibrations of love, happiness, peace, joy, prosperity, etc., out into the universe.
Since the universal principle of what you give you shall receive is flawless, you'll attract and manifest the wealth you deserve.
Having an attitude of gratitude not only creates what you desire, but expressing gratitude also frees you from suffering.
Anytime you're experiencing a negative situation you can easily turn your feelings around by cultivating gratitude. It's as easy as saying, “Thank you Father for thy riches.” Being thankful and meaning it is a no fail approach for being happy and attracting your desires.
Find any wealthy person and you'll find an attitude of gratitude present at all times.

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