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How to meditate properly! (This will improve your life!)

How to meditate properly

Many people do not know what the meditation is, and think that it is one very complicated skill, very difficult to apply. The truth is quite different. It is necessary to follow specific guidelines and your road towards spirituality will be completely discovered. All you need is will and desire which very often disappear because the mind prevents their operation.  In the following article we will describe one of the most correct ways of meditation.

Put your hands in the lap, with palms facing up, one over the other, and with gathered tips of your toes. Relax yourself and establish the right balance. Once again we mention that it is very important your backbone to be straight.

Open your eyes but do not keep your eye on something special-just try to have picture of everything. With opened eyes you will be more present.
After that, focus your attention on breathing. Do not try to control it. Just follow it. Monitor how the air enters into your body through the nostrils, then chests and diaphragm at the end. Follow its moving, how it enters and exits the body. Do you now think of something? Pay the attention …No, you do not think of anything because you cannot follow your breathing and think at the same time. That is meditation.
While you monitor your breathing, your mind won’t let you. Your attention will be distracted very often. Do not worry about that because it’s not a big deal. Again pay your attention on breathing.
Then slowly turn your focus to your mind and monitor your mind. Release yourself, listen to the mind, but be impartial, and do not judge or underrate what you hear because in that case you will unite with it, and the aim of meditation is to release from the mind and its activities.
 You will realize that you are one thing and the mind another….
You will become aware that you are actually awake and that you’re a supervisor of your mind. This process causes the chemistry in your body to change and there’s come to the balance. You haven’t been an impartial supervisor of your mind so far, but you were united with it and you believed in most of the things it said. You suffered great emotional changes. The pattern included mind, body reaction, emotions, etc… But that is not the case anymore. You are one thing and the mind is separated.
During the meditation your mind will cause different kinds of emotions, as fear, happiness, sadness, and similar. Release yourself from such feelings, watch how they influence on your body, how they pervade it but try to stay awake and monitor the situation. The longer you stay awake, the longer the mindless state would last. The mind will try to find the ways to be active again, but its intentions will be hopeless. They will disappear in time, i.e. you will have complete control over it. You will be the master and not the slave of your mind.
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Law Of Energy (Everything is energy!)

The Law Of Energy

The law of energy was revealed to us by scientists and quantum physicians. This law states that Everything is Energy.Everything that you believe to be solids is actually impulses of energy moving at a certain frequency. Your car, house, clothes, dog, computer, food, and even your body are comprised of 99.99999 percent energy.
Quantum physics has also proven that energy cannot be created nor destroyed.
So what does this mean for us? Well, two things. First, if energy cannot be created nor destroyed, then everything we want in our life already exist in some kind of form. It may still be energy waves out in the cosmos, but nonetheless what you want already exist. Lastly, if everything is comprised of 99.999 percent energy, then all we have to do is harness and direct that energy to create what we want into physical form... 
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How Gratitude Attracts Wealth -Part 2 (Include This In Your Life!)

Cultivating gratitude just means giving thanks. Being thankful in any situation is a powerful attracting force. Even if you have a bad experience, having an attitude of gratitude will change that situation around and begin to shape into what you really intend on having.
Some of you may be saying, “Why should I be thankful if I'm losing my home.” Or, “Why should I be thankful for the abusive relationship that I'm having.”
Here is why, this could be life changing for you, so listen up.
The universe or God is always for our highest good. Everything you receive in life is exactly what you intended. The universe is orderly and holds true to its laws. However, the universe can be mysterious and some of the circumstances that happen to you or to this world cannot be explained.
All I know is that each life situation is a gift from the universe; it's a gift for you to grow more, learn more, be more, and love more.
Within each “seemingly bad” situation, there in it lies a gift for your desired circumstance. More times than not, that gift is a learning experience on “what you should not do next time”, so you create everything that you've ever dreamed.
Once you get the lesson, you no longer need the experience. You will get the lesson every time if you cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Just by saying, “Thank you for giving me this experience to learn more and love more”, you will free yourself and you will no longer need that experience.
However, doing just the opposite and having a lack of gratitudewill keep you stuck in a forever loop of unhappiness and you'll keep having similar negative experiences.
Being thankful involves more than just a string of words. You can't trick the universe, it knows when you are sincere all the time. When you say your prayers of gratitude, you have to mean it. How you mean it is by relating and feeling the presence of what you're grateful for.
Let's say you're grateful for all the business opportunities and the abundant of clients that seek your services out daily. You may think, say, or write something like, “Thank you for all the business opportunities and the abundant of clients that I receive daily.”
As you say this, dwell upon that statement and feel thosegratitude thoughts. See people seeking you out for your services and hear them giving thanks to you for providing them value.
Another example of attitude of gratitude can be for your health. You say, “Thank you for my health and fitness, thank you for giving me the 190 lb physique.” As you say that phrase, dwell upon your healthy body and fitness. Feel the energy of health, see your fit body as already being your desired weight of 190 lbs.
All of the high achievers are cultivating gratitude constantly throughout the day. They understand that gratitude is a powerful force attracting to them their daily wants and needs.
All you have to do is say, think, or write, “Thank you for.....” or “I'm grateful for...”, then complete the sentence.
I just paused after that last sentence and said, “Thank you for giving me the wisdom to transform peoples lives through my writing.”
You see how easy it is? You can be grateful anywhere and anytime. You can have an attitude of gratitude for anything currently in your life. What are you grateful for right now? Go ahead and answer that question.
Want to step it up a notch and begin accelerating your desires more quickly? Cultivate an attitude of gratitude for the things that you haven't received yet, but you already set intentions for.

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How Gratitude Attracts Wealth - Part 1 (Include This In Your Life)

Having an attitude of gratitude can transform your life. Expressing gratitude is a critical success factor that can reshape any negative life circumstance into the wealth you desire.
Cultivating gratitude should be a major role in your daily activities. It's so easy and simple to use that all it takes is a few meaningful words to make you a wealth magnet.
The mechanics behind the attitude of gratitude is all about being in the right vibration. The power to create and have anything in life lies in aligning your thoughts, feelings, and actions with that of opulence. In my opinion, “feelings” are the most important of the three because this is how things are attracted to you.
Your feelings are the vibratory frequencies the emanate out into the universe. Study the law of vibration and you'll understand that everything in this universe is God (energy).
However you feel in this or any moment is the “call signal” to the universe; and the universe always picks up.
Feel love and happiness, and you'll attract those corresponding situations. Feel anger and hate, and you'll attract more angry and hateful situations.
The problem that most of us face is controlling our emotions so we feel good. I mean, we constantly want to feel good, right? I suspect that you don't want bad things to happen to you or your loved ones.
Thankfully, cultivating an attitude of gratitude puts you in the correct vibration to attract all the good, prosperity, wealth, and abundance that you desire.
Expressing gratitude means being in a state of thankfulness. When you are thankful and have gratitude thoughts, you are putting vibrations of love, happiness, peace, joy, prosperity, etc., out into the universe.
Since the universal principle of what you give you shall receive is flawless, you'll attract and manifest the wealth you deserve.
Having an attitude of gratitude not only creates what you desire, but expressing gratitude also frees you from suffering.
Anytime you're experiencing a negative situation you can easily turn your feelings around by cultivating gratitude. It's as easy as saying, “Thank you Father for thy riches.” Being thankful and meaning it is a no fail approach for being happy and attracting your desires.
Find any wealthy person and you'll find an attitude of gratitude present at all times.

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Does Human Emotions Effect Plants? (Very Interesting!)

Scientific interest on the extraordinary power of plants began as a result of a casual experiment conducted in 1966 by an American electronics engineer Cleve Backster. Backster, who was recognized as America’s foremost lie-detector examiner of the era, was winding up one of his teaching sessions in his school for polygraph examiners, teaching the art of lie detection to policemen and security agents from all over the world when he casually observed the pot plant in his office.
On an impulse, he decided it would be interesting to measure the time it took water to go through the root system up to the leaves, using the polygraph.


He attached the electrodes of his instrument to the leaves of this plant, a Dracaena (Dracaena massangeana) and started pouring water to its root area. As the plant sucked up water, the polygraph, to Backster’s surprise, did not indicate less resistance as might have expected by the greater electrical conductivity of the wetter plant.
The pen on the graph paper, instead of showing an upward trend, was treading downwards, with a lot of saw-tooth motion on the tracing.
Having worked with humans, it was known by Backster that such a reaction was similar to that of a human being experiencing a brief emotional stimulus.
He repeated the experiment several times using different varieties of plants and obtained almost the same results.


This led him to conduct further research with plants. To see if a plant could display memory, a scheme was devised whereby Backster would identify the secret killer of one of two plants.
He selected six of his students, who, blindfolded, drew from a hat folded slips of paper on one of which were instructions to remove from the pot, stamp-on and thoroughly destroy one of two plants in a room.
This was carried out in secret where only the “killer”’ knew of the secret and only the second plant was a witness. Backster attached a polygraph to the remaining plant and paraded the students one by one before the plant. It was no surprise to him, but the plant showed no reaction to five of the students but showed a violent reaction to the other every time the “killer” entered the room!
Later on, through further experimentation he discovered that plants could understand and feel our thoughts instantly. He found out that the plant felt the mere picking up of a box of matches with the intention of burning.


Once when a close friend of Backster entered the room, all his plants connected to polygraphs went “dead’ showing no response to anything that he did. Curious to know what could have influenced the plants to behave this way, he asked his friend whether any part of her work involved plants.
The friend replied, “I terminate the plants I work with. I put them in the oven to obtain the dry weight for my analysis.” Forty-five minutes after the person left, all of Backster’s plants started responding once again. This experience made him realize that plants could intentionally be put into a faint or mesmerized by humans.
The research done in 1975 by Dr. Harold E. Puthoff and Randall Fontes at Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, California also supports the possibility that plants may respond to human consciousness as contended by Cleve Backster.
This type of severe sensitivity of plants is also pointed out in the Holy Bible which says “ And on the morrow, when they were come out of Bethany, he hungered...And seeing a fig tree afar off having leaves, he came, if haply he might find anything thereon: and when he came to it, he found nothing but leaves; for it was not the season of figs.
And he answered and said unto it, No man eat fruit from thee henceforward for ever. And his disciples heard it...And as they passed by in the morning, they saw the fig tree withered away from the roots”.
Commenting on Backsters’ findings, Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) expert Dr. Esser says, ”When I first heard of Backsters’ experiments I laughed it off but I have had to eat my words!” Dr, Howard Miller, a cytologist from New Jersey, believes that a kind of “cellular consciousness” has been discovered.
Other scientists feel that Backster has discovered one of the most potential scientific breakthroughs in history.
In 1956, J.I. Rodale discovered that cuttings grew better if the mother plant was still alive. It seems as if the mother plant exudes something or other, which protects and stimulates the cuttings.
When he burned the mother plant, cuttings taken from it thrived far less well than those from a control group, in which the mother plant remained undamaged. The distance between the mother plant and cuttings played little or no part in these experiments.


In the United States J.B. Rhine, a well-known personality in the field of parapsychological experiments and Rev. Franklin Loehr, carried out tests involving prayer meetings for plants. Various seeds were sown in two separate groups. Daily prayers were said for one group; the other had to manage without these good offices.
The results indicated without any doubt, that the plants for which the prayers were said grew better. Also it was discovered that the results were equally positive if the prayers were said for the water used for the plants.
This recalls to the mind of the writer the age-old Sri Lankan practice of sprinkling “Pirith Pan” or holy water on crops and compounds to wade off various kinds of disasters.
After a series of experiments with plants Vogel declared unequivocally that “It is fact: man can and does communicate with plant life. Plants are living objects, sensitive, rooted in space.
They may be blind, deaf, and dumb in the human sense, but there is no doubt in my mind that they are extremely sensitive instruments for measuring man’s emotions.
They radiate energy, forces that are beneficial to man. One can feel these forces! They feed into one’s own force- field which in turn feeds back energy to the plant” Closer to home, Dr. T.C. Singh, head of the Department of Botany at Annamalai University, South of Chennai was another scientist who was interested in the behaviour of plants.

Classical music

He was successful in demonstrating how plants reacted positively to classical music played near their vicinity.
He managed to obtain 25-60 % increase in yield from different varieties of rice by playing Charukesi Raga in the fields.
Perhaps the most interesting and significant of all of Dr Singh’s findings was that later generations of the seeds of musically stimulated plants carried on the improved traits of greater size, more leaves, and other characteristics. Evidently, music had changed the plants’ chromosomes!
Dorothy Retallack of USA, required to devise an experiment for a college biology class and having heard about the positive effects of Bach and Beethoven on wheat fields in Canada, sought to determine how music would affect growth patterns in plants.


The plants placed in a controlled environment reacted favourably, growing faster and more abundantly, to the harmonic strains of the classical composers, in some cases actually growing in the direction of the music.
Highly percussive sounds, especially the ‘hard Rock’ of Jimi Hendrix and the like, stunted them in their growth and they often leaned away from the hi- fi speaker. The most appealing music, on the other hand, was not Western, but rather the soothing tones of Ravi Shankar’s Sitar.
In some cases the plants inclined an unprecedented sixty degrees to the horizontal in an effort to merge with the musical source. Incidentally, the devastating effect acid rock music has on human beings was displayed disastrously some years ago, when a student from a leading Colombo South school who was addicted to this kind of music killed both his parents.
Going by these facts, the Buddhist religious practice of conducting “bodhi poojas” (religious offerings and recitations) at the bodhi trees (Ficus religiosa) may invariably have a scientific meaning. So may be the significance of the Christmas tree, which the modern society has relegated only for the purpose of hanging gifts at Christmas time.


The writer recalls at this time how a former Sri Lankan beauty queen, an avid orchid grower, described on TV some years ago, the talking sessions she had with her orchids.
She was very confident of her successful results in bringing hard-to-flower orchids to bloom.
All her other orchids perform extraordinarily well after her “loving conversations” with the plants. Perhaps in this case, the plants reacted even to the beauty of the caretaker!
It is obvious from the foregoing that there is a strong relationship or bond between man and plant.

(Everything is energy vibrating and we are all connected!) 
Send vibrations of love to EVERYTHING! 

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Palita Punchibandara SUBASINGHE

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10 wonderful affirmations to brighten your mood. (Use These!)

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I’m sure at one point or another we’ve all heard the phrase, “you are what you think.” In theory, it makes sense, but have you ever really stopped to ponder what this means? Have you ever really considered the power of your thoughts? We have thousands and thousands of thoughts each day, when you stop and think, how many of these are negative? How many of our thoughts are sub-conscious, and we don’t even realize we are thinking them? Our bodies hear everything the mind tells them, and our bodies and nervous systems react accordingly. Think of all the amazing changes that could happen when you start to be present to your thoughts, and then turn the negative into positive. There are many tools we use to do this, and the one we will focus on this week is affirmations.
So, what is an affirmation exactly? An affirmation is simply a positive phrase, said in the present tense, that you can repeat to yourself or out loud, that replaces any negative thoughts in your mind. Like many people, I first learned about positive affirmations from Louise Hay, who has pioneered the use of positive affirmations. From her story alone, it is evident that the use and repetition of positive affirmations into your life can help bring you peace of mind, health, and a vibrant and joyful life. An affirmation can be used at any part of the day, in any situation, and is always used to program your mind into more positive, idealistic thinking.
So, how do you get started with your affirmations? Here are 10 affirmations that would be so powerful to add into your life today! After you get the hang of them, try creating your own to suit your life in this present moment.
1. All is well.
2. I am in the right place at the right time.
3. I love my life.
4. My life is in perfect balance.
5. I make the best decisions for my life.
6. I am surrounded by loving relationships.
7. I live my life with purpose.
8. I am safe and supported.
9. I am healthy and strong.
10. I love myself.